What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is a method of treatment designed to alleviate difficulties that cause people suffering in their lives. It has evolved over the past century and continues to develop new and innovative ways of helping people help themselves. Many psychotherapists today offer a holistic approach, which addresses a person’s emotional, social and behavioural patterns of functioning.

The basis for psychotherapy treatment is communication between the client and therapist through talking (talk therapy), although some therapists might include bodywork, meditation, visualization or expressive arts to help their clients facilitate change.

Talking to a trained therapist can create change in a variety of ways. On a psychological/emotional level, it can help a person to make sense of their thoughts and feelings. On a neurobiological level it can help shift old patterns of behaviour while creating space for new possibilities. On an interpersonal level, sharing your experience with an attuned and supportive therapist can offer new ways of being in relationship, as the therapeutic relationship becomes a model for change.

The goal of psychotherapy is to help people overcome their difficulties so they can live fuller, more satisfying lives.