The Healing Journey 

15_75_53_web.jpgHealing is a life long journey that begins when we are inspired to create change in our lives and long to know our true selves. Many of us come to this turning point when we encounter life changing circumstances which cause us to look deeper. Sometimes the pain of finding ourselves repeatedly creating the same old unfulfilling patterns over and over again  is the catalyst for change. For others serious illness or loss of a loved one wakes them up to the fleeting nature of our existence and a longing for deeper contact and meaning. Often feelings of anxiety, depression and shame bring us to our knees and the constant cycle of addiction, in an attempt to numb out these painful feelings, creates a deeper consequence of feeling more detached and helpless. Our lack of self acceptance and our addiction to perfection cause us to set unattainable goals thus creating burnout both on an emotional and physical level.

We can create more joy and pleasure in our lives. We can become the creative beings that we are meant to be, and by bringing conciousness to the patterns and belief systems that limit us, we can create positive change in our lives. We can create and manifest a wonderful vision for our future.